The Eurowagon 3b offers
exceptional quality and design
features at a competitive price.
The Eurowagon 3b is in a class of
its own.

ew3b In Summary

  • Class leading design and quality
  • Economical to maintain
  • Compliant with HSE regulations
  • Robust steel construction, ideal
    for the demands of the hire industry.


Walls: 50mm insulated 3 element GRP lightweight panels.
Roof: 60mm insulated 3 element GRP lightweight panels
Floor: 70mm thick multilayer. 0.6mm galvanized steel, 60mm insulated, 0.6mm galvanized steel, 6mm magnesium sheet, 2.5mm vinyl
Wheels: 155 R13C
Chassis: Heavy duty galvanised steel with 4 corner steadies
Axle: ALKO twin braked axle with 50mm ball overrun
Doors: Flush fitting handles with keyed alike locks
Steps: Heavy duty galvanized steel
Lights: EEC approved road lights
Weight: Gross weight 2000kg – Unladen weight 1700kg
Dimensions: 4,200 mm long, x 2,300 mm wide


  • Consumer unit with electrical certificate
  • 230 volt - 32amp electric inlet
  • 50ltr electric water heater
  • 70mm waste connection or 1" with macerator
  • 3/4" water inlet


  • Shower tray
  • Shower curtain
  • Built in shower head thermostatically controlled
  • Ceramic sink with concussive tap
  • Flushing toilet with macerator option, Gravity or Re-circulating
  • Mirror
  • Ceiling lights
  • Floor drain
  • Ventilation
  • Coat hook

Running Stats

Full energy saving presentation available on request.

Optional Extras

  • Gas & 12 volt power option

    includes: AGM battery, LED
    lights with PIR sensors,
    battery charger, 12 volt pump

  • Bespoke layouts on request
  • Waste and water tanks
  • Rinnai gas water heater
  • 230volt heating to cubicle
  • Coloured panels
  • Internal & external graphics
  • Sign writing
  • Media boards for hand rails
  • Vinyl skirt
  • Step lights
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Available as a static unit
    with fork lift pockets and/or
    lifting eyes